What makes the Ross gouge unique?

It is the simple, common-sense design of the carriage/bed working in perfect harmony, the oversized shaft/bushing that will not wear out, the unparalleled accuracy of machining each part to exact tolerances, and the complex geometry of the blade. The highly accurate curve is neither a true radius nor a parabolic curve. Instead, it is a complex geometry tried and tested after decades of proven performance. The 'radius' can be easily changed to accommodate custom drop-off tapers. Our standard curve produces reeds with smaller openings with a stable and rich vibrancy. Changing the radius of the blade can alter the tip-opening. If you're looking for larger tip openings or have any other specific reed quality requests, please contact me to discuss options. For example, we can change the curve to counter saggy G natural, lower top-space E-natural, and help bring the low register into focus and up in pitch. Each blade is made from air-hardened steel and surface ground to extreme tolerances after hardening.

Allen screws are used throughout to maintain years of worry-free ease of adjustment to the machine.

A built in guillotine makes cane prep easy and accessible without the need for extra equipment.

A roller plate is used instead of parallels (which can rust over time and lose accuracy). Instead, we incorporate a roller bearing with a quick-turn knob, no need to use any tools to change the thickness of the gouge.

Nylon cane clips are extremely durable and provide protection from chipping your blade in the event the carriage drops onto them.

It's easy to see why so many of the top oboists of the 20th and 21st century rely on the Ross machine to deliver reeds with a rich overtone spectrum, a comfortably manageable tip-opening, and durability to last a long time before needing servicing.

Dan and Phil have been playing in professional orchestras for a combined 75 years and counting!! Let our expertise go to work for you. Contact us for a free sample of gouged cane.

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