...make better reeds!

Illustrations and text by Philip Ross

What makes the Ross gouge unique?

It is the design and production of the blade. The highly accurate curve is neither a true radius nor a parabolic curve. Instead, it is a complex geometry tried and tested after decades of proven performance. The radius can be easily changed to accomodate custom tapers. Each blade is made from hard steel and surface ground turned after hardening. This is the most durable and accurate blade available.

Allen screws are used throughout to maintain years of worry-free ease of adjustment to the machine. Allen heads are less likely to strip than standard screws.

A built in guillotine makes cane prep easy and accessible without extra equipment.

A roller plate is used instead of parallels (which can rust over time and lose accuracy).

Oversized roller bearing with a quick-turn gauge thickness knob.

Nylon clips are extremely durable, but are also soft enough they are less likely to damage your blade if the blade accidentally falls on a clip.

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