...make better reeds!

Tips for Cane Preparation

  • Use a splitter to cut your tube cane. Cutting a single piece of tube cane with a razor is dangerous and will result in wasted cane.
  • Allow 2-3 days for your recently spit cane to settle before proceeding to the next step. Cane in its tube form is under stress and will "relax" a bit after splitting. Throw out any crooked or oversized pieces at this time.
  • Expect only one usable piece of cane from a long piece. Most likely, the piece will crack while guillitining if it is long.
  • NEVER pre-gouge (plane) wet cane. You will rust your equipment.
  • Don't store your cane in plastic bags or airtight containters, it will turn to dust! Try using old cigar boxes with holes.
  • Don't get discouraged by how much cane you may have to toss because it is not straight. The more cane you throw out, the better your reeds will be :)
  • Soak cane for at least 2 hours prior to gouging with the bark of the cane down in the water. Press the cane to assure it is submerged in the water for the entire 2 hours
  • Wipe any direct from your cane prior to putting in the gouging machine. Dirt or other imperfections could change the outcome/measurement of the cane.
  • Place gouging machine on a flat secure surface to ensure the most accurate gouge on the cane.